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How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Bike Gear Breakdown with
Dakine Mountain Bike Marketing Director Gabe Schroder
Everything you need to know about selecting the best mountain bike gloves.

As we dive into what gear you really needed to enjoy a day on the trails, we have already discussed are must-have mountain biking accessories like knee pads and hip packs. Next, let us take a closer look at gloves and see how they'll be the one thing that changes your bike game.

Gloves not only help you maintain a solid grip on your handlebars, but they also offer protection from crashes and close encounters with trees and rocks.

When selecting a mountain bike glove, it is important to factor in not only fit, but features as well. Let’s take a look at two different types of gloves from Dakine and discuss how they are built for their intended purpose.

The Sentinel glove from Dakine comes with DK IMPACT flexible shock absorption on the palms and knuckles, providing protection if you are scraping branches or hit the ground during a fall. The outseam stitched synthetic suede palm helps with dexterity and durability while also being touch screen compatible. Silicone grippers on the fingertip and thumb help with shifting gears and braking, and the microfleece nose wipe comes in handy when wiping sweat or snot off your face. A hook and loop closure ensures a snug fit around the wrist as well as helping with taking the glove on and off.

For those that appreciate ultimate bar control and a lightweight no-glove feel when mountain biking, the new Thrillium glove is for you. Sublimated graphics are laid over a moisture wicking 4-way stretch shell, while a durable Pittards sheep leather palm comes with outseam stitching. This hugs your hand for a precise fit and maximizes full dexterity and bar control. This minimalist glove comes with a microfleece nose wipe and has a slip off cuff for ease of use. Just slip the cuff over the meat of your hand, then pull on the fingers to properly remove. Like the Sentinel glove, the Thrillium here features Polygiene Odor Control Technology to keep these gloves from getting stinky no matter how much you sweat.

Want to explore more? Shop our selection of mountain biking gloves here. Race you to the top.

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