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2020 is our year to celebrate progression. From developing the world's first heavy wave surf leash to celebrating 40 plus years of rider-driven designs, we've continued to push the limits of how to best support you in the mountains, in the water, and the journey in between. We are always focused on forward movement, whether on snow, in the water, or anywhere the adventure takes you.

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What Does Progression Mean to You

Chris Benchetler

Backcountry Skier & Artist

" Progression Is

Louif Paradis

2018 Rider of the Year

" Progression Is

Casey Brown

Women's MTB Pioneer

" Progression Is

Carissa Moore

4x world champion

" Progression Is

John John Florence

2X World Champion

" Progression Is

Albee Layer

Big wave expert

" Progression Is

Zeke Lau

Vans World Cup Champion

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Chris Benchetler - Signature Series

A canvas for Chris’ custom art, this mitt and pack pay tribute to Mother Nature and Old Man Winter, drawing inspiration from the colors, natural lines, and wildlife of Chris’ backyard.

Heli Series

Built on 25 years of rider-driven design and trusted performance, the iconic Heli Series has been updated with an arsenal of new backcountry features, a recalibrated fit, increased durability, and recycled materials.

With testing and direct input from our team riders, the Heli Series is fully equipped for winter’s deepest backcountry days.

Rider-driven since day one.

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Louif Paradis - Signature Series

Retro inspiration and subtle tone-on-tone lines meet grade-A badass construction in Louif’s mitt and pack. A know Quiébécois mushroom forager, big Lou brought in his favorite fungi with subtle and distinct details.

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